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Water within production

We continuously calculate our water footprint in line with the GANT Water Policy and strive to reduce it within our supply chain by partnering with leading suppliers and promoting closed loop systems to reduce water usage.

We have set targets to reduce the water usage within production and promote industry-leading technology to mitigate the impact.

To build capacity within our supply chain, we are working with partners like the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, where we have the possibility to track our water footprint using the Higg Index Tools.

By 2023, 70% of GANT suppliers will have best-in-class water management, and by 2030 this will rise to 100%. We are continuously exploring new technologies in order to reduce our water footprint. 

Further, our sustainability fiber staircase has a focus on water and the impact of the raw materials that we source for our products. This is why we’ve committed to sourcing 100% of our cotton more sustainably in 2022.