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Grievance &

At GANT, we believe in an environment characterized by openness and fair treatment. As a reporter you have the possibility to be anonymous and concerns that are raised in good faith are protected from victimization or any other detrimental treatment.

When to apply whistleblowing

The company would expect all employees to disclose information that is relevant for public nature, coinciding with the following:

  • A criminal offense
  • A failure to comply with a legal obligation
  • A miscarriage of justice
  • The endangerment of an individual’s life and safety
  • Damage to the environment
  • Deliberate concealment of information relating to any of the above

How to apply whistleblowing

GANT is committed to maintaining an open culture with the highest standards of honesty and accountability. Through this reporting channel, stakeholders of GANT can raise concerns regarding suspected breaches of laws, regulations and ethical standards. Following this, the Global HR department will conduct an investigation and carry out all necessary actions to solve the reported issue.

In line with our core values, this reporting tool champions the importance of COURAGE and COMMUNITY. We truly believe we are stronger together and encourage the ability to question, learn and explore as a means of growth.