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The shirt buttons

From our signature three-color GANT button to the genuine mother-of-pearl, buttons are what keep your shirt together - literally. A button is one of the oldest and most frequently used types of fastener. Ever wondered why the buttons on a woman’s shirt differ from those on a man’s? Between the Renaissance and Victorian eras, highborn women enjoyed the luxury of being dressed by their servants. Most servants were right-handed, and so it was easier to have the buttons on the right hand side. Men, on the other hand, dressed themselves, explaining why the buttons are located on the other side.


Mother-of-Pearl Button

This button, identifiable by its lustrous shine, originates from natural mollusk shells.


Resin button

Known for its durability, available in a variety of colors ranging from light to dark, this button is a favorite on many of our shirts.


Sandwich button

The signature GANT button is found on a selection of men’s shirts, paying homage to our American sportswear roots with its three patriotic colors: red, white and blue.


Pearl Snap Button

This style of button entered the American mainstream fashion during the 1950s, generally associated with classic Western style.