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Responsibly made

The importance of Sustainable Cotton

At GANT, we believe in designing for longevity, circularity, and durability to prolong the lifetime of our products. In the below mini-documentary, GANT shows how choosing responsibly-made cotton impacts several areas and affects the people who work in them.

Versatile and strong

A shirt that lasts

While cotton is a versatile and strong fabric – a shirt can last 60 years if washed and worn well – consumption of cotton puts a huge strain on water supplies. We know that we are part of a water-intensive industry, and we commit to reducing the negative impact on water. Supporting more sustainable cotton farming is a part of our strategic sustainability work and an important action to reduce our impact on people, water and planet.

Our beliefs

Investing in the future

To become more sustainable, we seek out new and innovative raw materials and better ways of farming essential crops, such as cotton. We believe that supporting organic cotton farming is an investment in a more sustainable future, and we base our sustainable fiber staircase on science and life-cycle assessment data.

Reaching 100%

Finding better alternatives

Our goal is to reach 100% sustainably sourced cotton by 2022, with either organic cotton, Better Cotton Initiative cotton, recycled cotton, or transitional cotton. As featured in the film, one such supplier is Shahi Exports in India, which is making efforts to cut down their water use by investing in measures such as rainwater harvesting and water treatment.

Organic cotton products