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FAQ Membership

​ Who can become a GANT member?
Does the membership cost anything?
How do I become a member?
​ What do I get when I become a member?
​ Will I receive a membership card from GANT?
How do I log in to My GANT at
For how long am I member?
​ How do I terminate my membership?
​ How does GANT use my data?
What if I don’t want to receive emails from GANT?
May I combine membership offers with other promotions?
Can I become a member in other countries?

Points and bonuses

​ How do I earn points?
How do I get bonuses?
Can I redeem my bonus in other countries?
How do I know how many points until I reach my next bonus?
How quickly may I access my points?
When are my points no longer valid?
How long is my bonus valid?
Why have I not received points for my purchase?
Do I earn points when I shop GANT at other retailers?
I forgot to mention my membership for a purchase and did not earn any points. Is it possible to register points retroactively?
Membership Welcome Offer
May my partner and I collect points together?
What are "My points"?
What does "Points until next bonus" mean?
What happens if I return an item?
What happens if I have paid for an item with my bonus discount and then I later return it?

Levels and benefits

Does everyone get the same benefits?
How long do I keep my level?
Do I lose my level if I use my bonus to make a purchase?
What benefits do I get on Gold level?
What benefits do I get on Platinum level?
What benefits do I get on Diamond level?
Membership welcome offer
Birthday promotion

GANT membership

GANT membership is personal, free, and applies in GANT’s stand-alone stores and outlets, selected franchise stores, and Membership is managed by GANT AB ("GANT"), Tullvaktsvägen 9, 115 56 Stockholm, Sweden, organization number: 556276-7995

Acceptance of membership terms and conditions
Changes to membership terms and conditions
Membership validity and termination
Membership communication
Member purchases
Other memberships benefits
Membership in other countries
Force majeure – events outside our control

Membership communication

As a member of GANT, you agree to receive inspiration and information about services, offers and points via email, text message, post,, and other platforms.

Our e-commerce and store staff may also contact you via email, text message, or phone for information related to your purchases.

If you do not wish to receive communications from GANT, you can log in to “My GANT” on at any time and unsubscribe. Members are responsible for ensuring that their contact details are up to date and correct.