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FAQ Membership

​ Who can become a GANT member?

Does the membership cost anything?

How do I become a member?

​ What do I get when I become a member?

How do I log in to My account

For how long am I a member?

​ How do I terminate my membership?

​ How does GANT use my data?

What if I don’t want to receive emails from GANT?

May I combine membership offers with other promotions?

Can I become a member in other countries?

Points and bonuses

​ How do I earn points?

How do I get a bonus discount?

Can I redeem my bonus in other countries?

How quickly may I access my points?

When are my points no longer valid?

How long is my bonus discount valid?

Why have I not received points for my purchase?

Do I earn points when I shop GANT at other retailers?

I forgot to mention my membership for a purchase and did not earn any points. Is it possible to register points retroactively?

What are "My points"?

What does "Points until next bonus" mean?

May my partner and I collect points together?

What are "My points"?

What does "Points until next bonus" mean?

What happens if I return an item?

What happens if I have paid for an item with my bonus discount and then I later return it?

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