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The shirt cuffs

Often overlooked, but nonetheless, essential. Not only for covering your wrists, the shirt cuff also indicates how formal your shirt is. Your shirt cuff should feel comfortably snug on your wrist, but not so tight that it feels like you’re wearing a bracelet. In other words, when the cuff is buttoned, it should be small enough that you cannot put your hand through. From the casual barrel to the formal French, it’s time to familiarize yourself with this essential shirt component.


Classic rounded cuff

This gives off a more relaxed vibe, and is often paired with our classic button-down collared shirts.


Convertible barrel cuff

This style is a traditional barrel cuff that can be worn either buttoned, like the classic cuff, or with your favorite cufflinks.


Cocktail cuff

Known as the “James Bond” cuff, this one has a similar fold back as the French cuff, but is secured with buttons rather than cufflinks.


French cuff

Often found on more formal shirts, this style is twice as long as a classic cuff and requires cufflinks. It is commonly referred to as a Barrel Cuff.