Inspired by classic American office wear, we've introduced a 'Desk Set' collection, styled by bloggers Anneli Bush (A Life & Style Journal), Sinead Crowe (Love Style Mindfulness), Hannah Crosskey (A Fashion Fix) and duo Sarah Ellis & Philippa Bloom (We Are Twinset) who create a variety of smart and sophisticated looks.

Contents of this issue
Anneli Bush

A Life & Style Journal

'I never stop having fun when styling up my white shirt. As there are so many ways of wearing it, for so many different occasions, it´s great to continue playing around with the looks. I personally feel really comfortable in this outfit as well; as it´s the perfect combination of preppy masculinity vs. feminine sophistication – just the way I like it.'

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Sinead Crowe

Love Style Mindfulness

UK fashion & personal style blogger. Mixing timeless basics with trend led pieces to create the perfect simple, feminine style.

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Hannah Crosskey

A Fashion Fix

'A suit, or a "Desk Set" as it may be called lives a healthy life in my wardrobe. It's as much a staple as a pair of jeans or a leather jacket, and I can guarantee that you and I own at least one piece.'

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Sarah Ellis & Philippa Bloom

We Are Twinset

'These aren’t trend led pieces that we often get bored of after one season but wardrobe staples that we turn to regularly and that we always feel good in.'

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